"Thank you" for such a great product. I want to let you know that I really love the Laundry balls. I have found that our clothes have been much softer and nicer, especially after being... more
Veterinarian and Mother of Two
Amanda Huhta Talgarno, Victoria

"They are fantastic" Thank you so much for introducing me to the Laundry Balls. They are fantastic in that I no longer have to deal... more
Mavis Carruthers ND
Abundant Life Naturopath Centre East Cannin


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Look out for the bus
We are Spreading the Miracle Wash
Word Around Australia....

After 2 years of planning and building We are on the adventure of a lifetime. Look out for the Miracle Wash Bus in Your Town or city or click on the link Below to view our calendar.


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As seen in that's life Magazine


A Revolutionary New Way to Clean Your Clothes
That is Environmentally Safe and will Save You Water!!

  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • No Petrochemicals
  • No Harsh Detergents
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • No Animal Testing

At Last! The Quickest, Easiest Way To Do Your Washing
That Will SAVE You 'Loads' of WATER, MONEY, TIME
and ... And Contains NO Harsh Chemicals!

I am saving on electricity, water and not forgetting the environment.
“I have been thrilled with the Laundry Balls. I find I am saving on electricity, water and not forgetting the environment. I just love washing now as my clothes feel softer and smell nice and fresh.”
M Willis

Now I will show you how you can...

Help Eliminate Skin Problems like Eczema!
Save 100's of $$ on Environmental Laundry Detergents!
Stop Poisoning Your Family!
Save litres of Water!
Cut Down Washing Time!
Get a Sparkling Clean Wash Without Harsh Chemicals!
Never Have to Worry About Running out of Laundry  Detergent Again!

Dana Steddy: CEO
EnviroCare Holdings

Tuesday   10.27am

Dear Friend,

    Are you worried about your family's and your health?

    Every day you are exposed to harmful chemicals that reduce your immune system and make you acceptable to nasty sicknesses and diseases...

It would be expected that 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women will be diagnosed with a malignant cancer in the first 75 years of life.
(source: Australia Institute of Health and Welfare)

Scary isn't it!

    Have you noticed how many more people have cancer, allergies and skin problems now?

    Have you also noticed how many different chemicals we have in our home that we freely use every day?

Do you think there may be a connection

    Look I do not hug trees and stuff but I have 4 children who suffer from eczema and allergies and  I will do anything to protect them from suffering more than they already have.
One of the reasons I began my 6 month search for a washing product that contained NO HARSH CHEMICALS was because of this...

Child before the change   Child after the change
My Son Kyel as a toddler with his eczema rash.   Kyel three years later after eliminating chemicals from our house and using Laundry Balls.


Let me tell you how I came across this fantastic new concept to washing

    One day as I was hanging out my washing, I happened to look across at my children playing under the fruit trees, my oldest son just loves Nashi Pears and was happily munching away.

    I watched my water from my washing draining out under the fruit trees, nothing new to this, we have been recycling our grey water for years, BUT it wasn’t until this day that I had really thought about it and realised that whatever is in my washing water, goes into my fruit trees and goes into the fruit that my family eats!

    I promptly change to an Environmentally Safe Laundry Detergent. This posed more problems because is was so expensive, even the cheaper supermarket detergents (that still contain 10% ‘phosphates’) turned out expensive with the amount of washing I do ( 4 kids add up to 13 loads a week).

  All of my children suffer from eczema and allergies so  I wanted a product that did not contain any Harsh Chemicals and would not leave a residue on the clothes.

I started my 6 month search to find a product that would fill all my needs

  1. To Contain No Toxic Chemicals
  2. To be Environmentally Safe
  3. To be Economical

    What I found did all this and so much more….I ordered it from the UK and it cost me a fortune to buy it and freight it over to Australia.

    Once I started using it – I was sold! It was better that I had imagined. It is so easy to use, no more opening the cupboard, getting out the powder, measuring it out, agitating it before you begin to wash, drying your hands, cleaning up the spilt powder before even turning the machine on!

    I throw them in and start the machine – actually I leave mine in the machine but they do recommend you take them out and air dry them between washes.

    I was feeding my baby after putting a load of washing on and thought “If this product has helped me to eliminate chemicals very cost efficiently and I love it, why don’t I offer it to other people to help them do the same?”

    This thought started another search to find out who manufactured it. After a few weeks, I found the manufacturer but discovered the balls contained Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (All laundry balls that contain small pellets will contain SLS EXCEPT Miracle Wash ® Laundry Balls). This wasn’t appropriate so after much more research, I hired a chemist and we changed the formula.

    People loved them as much as I did and I am now distributing kits to every state in Australia and even overseas.

    I know I will NEVER go back to using expensive, deadly laundry powders again!

I am about to introduce to you a Revolutionary New Product called Miracle Wash ® Laundry Balls that's Guaranteed to Slash your laundry costs by 48%.

It Has Cut Our Water Usage Dramatically..
"I think the laundry balls are a great product: it has cut our water usage dramatically which is a bonus, as well as doing the job - getting the clothes clean - and very cheaply!! Thanks for the prompt service. All the best"
Rowena McDougall

    But before I do, I wanted to let you know that not only is this product Environmentally Safe and very Cost Effective but it is great for those who are suffering from chemical induced skin problems.


  Check This Out
  1. They are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, are Anti bacterial, Hypo-allergenic, and have been approved by Action Against Allergies in the UK. Miracle Wash Laundry Balls are used by the staff at the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc. If you suffer from eczema, have a look at their website http://www.eczema.org.au The Laundry Balls are gentle enough for washing baby's nappies and clothes. The pellets are naturally antibacterial and destroy both E-Coli and Staphylococcus bacteria (as certified).

  2. You can use Warm or Cold water, in Top loaders, Front loads , Twin tubs and even Hand washing.

  3. You can reuse them over and over again (up to 60 washes actually) and they have a little cap that you pull out and pour in your refill pellets. You are recycling the balls each time you refill them and there is no wastage or disposing of plastics into the environment.

  4. You will save so much time because you just throw them in your washing machine and turn your machine on - NO measuring, pouring, spilling or agitating, it's so easy and simple that even the kids can do it!

  5. They do not contain any detergent and there is no residue of any kind left on your clothes so you can Save Water and Electricity by turning your rinse cycle off.
    After a few months, you will find that your filters will be clean and there will be no more grey 'gunky' residue clogging them up. This in the long run will increase your washing machine's durability. You can resuse your grey water on your garden and save yourself water too.
Did you know that if you can smell a fragrance on your clothes when you get them off the line, you are using too much detergent in your wash?

Clothes should smell fresh only! Over use of Laundry Detergents is wasteful, expensive and harmful to our environment!

Inside the Laundry Ball are small mineral pellets

But what's in the Laundry Balls?

   I was sceptical when I first saw them and wondered if they really did work, so I interogated the manufacturer with a million questions.
I discovered the basic ingredients were minerals, which is the same minerals that are used in laundry detergent except they add toxic ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, optimisers, brightners, enzymes, artificial fragrances and bleach.

    The original formula contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and as my childeren suffer from Eczema, I reformulated the pellets to be SLS free and readily bio-degradable and environmentally safe .
The Miracle Wash ® laundry balls contain small  pellets made of minerals, during the wash these minerals release molecules of ionised oxygen and raise the pH level of the water.
This softens the water and fabric (no need to use fabric softener either!) and opens the fabric weave, this makes it easier for the movement of the water to remove dirt. The minerals are sodium silicate and sodium carbonate as well as a mild and biodegradable surfactant.

Once I started using the Miracle Wash ® laundry balls I knew I would never go back to supermarket detergents again, they have even made my washing days enjoyable and best of all is that they actually work.

“I must admit that I was very sceptical..”
I would like to say that I have been using the laundry balls for about a month now and I am delighted with them. I must admit that I was very sceptical about them but thought I would give them a try. THEY WORK!! This is the first time that I have ever written a testimonial but I felt that it was such a wonderful initiative that it deserved a pat on the back.
Patricia Spaull
Broadwater. WA



  You expect your whites to be luminous ' white' - they do not contain bleach!

  You are a Heavy duty Supermarket Laundry detergent user and want your clothes to be absolutely spotless with no pre wash - the pellets do not contain toxic enzymes that remove grease!

If You love the strong fragrance smell on your clothes - they do not have a fragrance because some fragrances cause allergies and skin problems.

I do not want you to waste your money so please if you expect any of those points mentioned above - stick to using your supermarket brands

Let me tell you what its NOT!

Its NOT another multi level marketing tactic, its NOT another gimmick product that will phase out in a year or two, its NOT  a magic pill that will make your washing sparkling white….

BUT what it can do for you is give you a healthy non toxic wash that is safe for the environment….yes you might need to use a stain remover for grease and oil because you need enzymes to break down the protein in grease and the Laundry Balls do not contain enzymes (some can be a skin irritant)

So, we have added a environmentally safe stain remover to the kit….

How To Get A Super Clean Wash WITHOUT using 'Phosphates' Or Other Harsh Abrasive Chemicals!..

   For grease and other heavy stains, use the 'Phosphate Free' Multi Stain Remover that comes free in the kit. The Stain remover is suitable for cleaning clothes, flooring, porcelain, woodwork and plastic. Excellent for removing diesel, engine oil and ink. Simply dissolve in water and soak the fabric or apply directly to the stain and wash as normal. I personally prefer a spray-on stain remover so I squeeze 10cm of the paste out of the tube into 500 mls of water in a spray bottle, shake and leave overnight.

See how it removed the dirt on my husband's greasy work shirt!


Stain Remover
‘In Fact the Best Stain Remover so far. I’m More Than Satisfied’
Many, many thanks for an excellent product. Besides removing stubborn laundry stains, the stain remover affords me more time for other tasks. It quickly and efficiently cleans my bath, basins, shower recess (glass), toilets, stainless steel sinks and benches etc, quicker better and greater (no fumes!) than many other products. In fact the best so far. I’m more that satisfied! CONGRATULATIONS
Marg Oversby
Miracle Wash ® Laundry Balls Will Give You A Super Clean Wash In Half The Time, Half The Water and at Half The Cost.

One 'Miracle Wash ® Introductory pack is all you need to buy and will last you OVER 12 MONTHS OF WASHING.

Here's what you get in the Pack:

1x Miracle Wash Laundry Ball Kit. Valued at $104.93 (6 mths of washing)

1x Box Refill Pellets Valued at $39.95 (another 6 mths of washing)

1x 160g 'Phosphate Free' Stain Remover. Valued at $10.50


All this is Valued at $154.80 but I have slashed the price to only $97.00

Click Here To Order !
Here's how Miracle Wash ® Laundry Balls can help you...
Eliminate Chemicals - contains No Harsh Chemicals!
Save on your water bill - turn your rinse cycle off!
Get rid of messy expensive laundry detergents!
Save you Money - costs only $6.71 per mth, Refills only $5.04 per mth
Have a healthy lifestyle - they are Anti Bacterial and Hypo-allergenic

Miracle Wash ® Laundry Ball Kit

I suppose you think anything that will last you over 12 months is going to cost you a fortune!
One months Laundry powder per month costs you on average $10 - $15 per month.
So for 12 months of washing that would be = $120.00 - $180

You will save $23 - $83 in the first year !

That's less than the cost of a good pair of jeans, I know I would rather have one less pair of jeans and know that my family and I are safe from toxic chemicals and we are not polluting the environment.


If you are still sceptical like I was I will offer you two unbelievable guarantees because I know that they work and that you will like them.

FIRST to let you try them out RISK FREE, I will offer you 12 months satisfaction guarantee so in the unlikely event you decide you do not want your Laundry Balls in the next 12 months, packed them up, send them back and I will happily refund your money!

SECOND I will also give you a 2 YEAR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the Miracle Wash ® Laundry Balls. If a ball gets very worn or splits, send it back and I will replace it `Hassle Free.
….so in the unlikely event you aren’t 100% delighted in the first 12 months and you decide they are not working for you, send the Laundry Balls back and we will give you a prompt and courteous refund!


Which of These TWO Great Offers Will Best Suit You and Start You on Your Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle..

Introductory Miracle Wash ®Laundry Ball Kit: Deal # 1

What You Get:
Valued at
1 x Full Miracle Wash Laundry Ball Kit that includes two full Laundry Balls and...
Top up refill Packets
Phosphate free Stain Remover(45g).
1 x Box Refill Pellets $39.95 $27.55
1 x 160gm Stain Remover
(while Stocks last)
1 x Win a Washing Machine Entry
Total Value

Click Here to Order a Miracle Wash Introductory Laundry Ball Kit

Please Note: The 12mth Satisfaction Guarantee is only valid if you
try the product for at least 2 months and have followed the instructions.

Introductory Miracle Wash ® Laundry Ball Kit: Deal # 2

Order 3 kits and Receive a total saving of $211.57!

What You Get:
Valued at
3 x Full Miracle Wash Laundry Ball Kit that includes Two Full Laundry Balls and ….
$154.00 ($51.62 each)
Top up refill Packets
Phosphate free Stain Remover(45g).
3 x Boxes Refill Pellets
3 x 160gm Stain Remover
(while Stocks last)
3 x Win a Washing Machine Entry
Total Value
Click Here to Order the deal 2 discount value pack $247.00

Please Note: The 12mth Satisfaction Guarantee is only valid if you
try the product for at least 2 months and have followed the instructions.

So Now You basically Have Two Options
  1. You can click off this website and in 30 days, 3 months, 3 years, you will still be doing the same thing and harming your health and the environment .
  2. You can click on the Order Here button and make a positive difference to the environment, you wont be adding all those nasty toxic chemicals into your system, your washing days will be so much easier and simpler! You might even rid your allergies and live a happy healthy lifestyle.

    It makes no difference to me if you don’t buy this because I redeveloped this product for myself and my kids, it is keeping my family safe and I know I am doing my part to help the environment.

    But I decided to offer it to other people like you in hope that it will also help improve your life, have quicker and easier washing days like I have, let you safely reuse your grey water on your garden and maybe even help get rid of irritated skin.

So do what I did:
STOP using messy, expensive, harmful laundry detergents, and change to the Revolutionary Crystal Clean Miracle Wash ® Laundry Balls.

If you have any questions, please visit FAQ.

   If you still can't find the answer, email us at info@laundryball.com.au and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

act now and Order now because these kits are selling faster than I expected, and it can take up to two months for another shipment to arrive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Wishing you and your family many Happy and Healthy Washing Days....

Dana Steddy

CEO EnviroCare Holdings Pty Ltd

61 ways to save water P.S. ORDER TODAY and to thank you for your order,
I will give you 61 Water Saving Tips when you make your order. Discover how to save water in the Home and Garden. It shows what small things you can do in the house and garden and tips of how you can save water – which saves money and energy as well!  
special offers

P.P.S. In memory of my friend Audrey, I am donating proceeds from every kit sold  to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Help fight this terrible disease.

`Proudly Supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.`





Miss Earth
EnviroCare Holdings Pty Ltd Sponsors Liana Werner-Gray, founder of www.IloveEarth.com.au in the 2009 Miss Earth Pageant www.missearth.com.au