"Thank you" for such a great product. I want to let you know that I really love the Laundry balls. I have found that our clothes have been much softer and nicer, especially after being... more
Veterinarian and Mother of Two
Amanda Huhta Talgarno, Victoria

"They are fantastic" Thank you so much for introducing me to the Laundry Balls. They are fantastic in that I no longer have to deal... more
Mavis Carruthers ND
Abundant Life Naturopath Centre East Cannin


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As seen in that's life Magazine


“She has thanked me several times about the money she is saving,
and the time saved..”

 I should have written before to let you know my daughter
Eleanor & myself just love using the 'Miracle Wash' Laundry Balls.
I think it's absolutely amazing just how tidy the laundry room
is without all the clutter of laundry powders/liquids & fabric
softners, boxes & bottles.  It does make things a lot easier; and
Eleanor has thanked me several times about the money she is saving,
and the time saved by just putting the Clothes & the Laundry Balls
into the machine & switch it on. 
After the 1st wash cycle has finished, I stop the machine (before the rinse)
 & put the cycle back on again before the machine spins out the water....that’s like a double
wash. Then when I hear the machine switch to it's next cycle, I go
& put it onto it's final cycle which is empty & spin-dry.  I use the
water to wash the floors with a touch of eucalyptus oil,(water soluble.) 
Wishing you all the best with your dishwashing survey.
Many Thanks to all at 'Miracle Wash'...
Dorothy & Eleanor
Werribee, Vic.

“Not having to rinse suds out saves a lot of precious water”
Hi, I am another happy customer using your fabulous Laundry Balls. Especially when we are traveling in our Motorhome. Not having to rinse suds out saves a lot of precious water.
Marlene Botwright

"Its a Fabulous System"
I purchased my Miracle Balls at the Caravan and Camping Show in Adelaide in February
and I have saved so much in both "grey" friendly detergent and water, as I now do not need
to rinse.  It is a fabulous system.
Ros Dunstall
Port Noarlunga SA

Thanks to the balls, we got almost two years extra out of our washing machine!
“I think I wrote to you last year to say that the laundry balls saved our old washing machine from replacement!  We finally had to replace it.
 But thanks to the balls, we did get almost two years extra out of it.  And I have also realised how much I hate my washing smelling of detergent
when I recently got given some second hand clothes from a friend!”
Lisa Dampney

“They Work a Treat..”
By the way, good work with inventing the balls. They are great. I
Have 2 babies in cloth nappies. And they work a treat. They have had plenty of use of the last 18 months. So I am very pleased with them.
Ronelle Verdolini
Burleigh Waters. QLD

“My Husband’s Truck driving clothes come up clean..”
Thanks Dana, I am converting as many people as I can and the funny thing is my husband, a truck driver who would have nothing to do with washing, tells people about how fantastic they are and how the washing doesn't smell like washing powder "yuk" and even his really dirty things come up clean. 
Sue Mahlstedt
Ferntree Gully VIC

"…I enjoy reading your tips..I am slowing changing things around my home.."
Dear Dana, I just wanted to thank you for making a difference in the world, and to tell you how much I enjoy reading your tips.   I am slowing changing things around my home in terms of personal care, household products, and my health.
I wish more and more people would read your articles, because there are a lot that we do not know about, but thank goodness there are a lot that people are now finding out.  I only wish that such awareness was brought to light eons ago, but I guess these things have always been available to us, but we choose to slowly destroy our own lives as well as the environment, brought about by materialism and media hype!  However, I am sure things are changing, but it's sad to know that it takes global warming to bring the world to their senses!  We have always had the best the universe has to offer, but we have been blind to it all.
Warm regards,
Esther Hill

'Thank you so much for changing my life with laundry balls'
Hi Dana, Thank you so much for changing my life with laundry balls and all the other
tips you send too.  Very much appreciated.  I tell everyone about them.
Many thanks indeed.
Sue Astbury

"I am extremely happy with them"
 I received my order on Christmas Eve and I am most grateful for you sending it so quickly. I have been using laundry balls for some time now and been extremely happy with them, but it makes you appreciate them even more when you have been without them for a while. I can only agree with the comments of all the other happy customers.
Kerry Murrell

“I am enjoying washing!”
I am enjoying washing and finding the ball does the job very well. I like the softness
of my clothes too. Thanks for the handy hints. So far I have not had to soak my clothes
as I don’t get stains that are difficult to remove. 
Happy new year!
Robin Lansdown
Perth WA

“Great Customer Service..”
Hey Dana! This is great customer service.
Thank-you very much. We love the product and often spread the word to friends that haven't heard of them yet.
Neil Robertson,
Chidlow WA

“They work really well!”
Yes, the order has arrived and I am absolutely ecstatic! They work really well and tonight I'm going to try using the stain stuff in water and see how that goes.
Thanks for following up!
Alexandra Boyd
Chiswick, NSW

"..saved me from many hours of scratching my right leg till it goes red raw"
Hi Dana
Thanks again for a fabulous product that has saved me from many hours of scratching my right leg till it goes red raw. Thanks very much and keep up the great work in promoting the laundry balls.
Kind regards
Vicki Jones
North Perth WA

“I can't believe how effective they are..”
Hi Dana,
I haven't any questions at this stage, but just want to say I love your emails  and I am wrapped in the wash balls. I can't believe how effective they are.
Keep up the good work
Pam Splithof

“I must admit that I was very sceptical..”
I would like to say that I have been using the laundry balls for about a month now and I am delighted with them.
I must admit that I was very sceptical about them but thought I would give them a try. THEY WORK!! This is the
first time that I have ever written a testimonial but I felt that it was such a wonderful initiative that it deserved a pat on the back.
 Patricia Spaull
Broadwater. WA

“The Laundry Balls are amazing!”
Hi, I don't know if I took the time to say a very big thank you for the laundry balls you sent me. They are amazing. Keep up the good work.
Melinda Wright
Greenwith SA

" I started using them as my son got bad skin rashes, and it worked a treat!"
I have been using your laundry balls for over two years now, and still haven't had to replace the contents yet.  I started using them as my son got bad skin rashes, and it worked a treat!  My daughter (now 12 months old) hasn't suffered the same problem, however she has never had her clothes washed in powder. unlike my poor son in the beginning!
Kindest regards,
Jacqui Fletcher

“ Thank you Dana”
Thank you for being an inspiration to life itself for it is in the helping others and
the planet that we create a better world for those who are young and old like me!
Many Blessings
Rev. Gena Alston

“..It even removed avocado and pumpkin stains which are usually a
nightmare to remove..”
Hi, just wanted to let you know how fabulous the miracle laundry ball is. I
have been so impressed with the results as have my family and friends.
I’ve even had items with what seemed permanent stains that chemical
products would not remove but came clean in the wash with the miracle
laundry ball. I wash all my 9 month olds cloth nappies and clothes with
the laundry ball and it gives great results - even removing avocado and
pumpkin stains which are usually a nightmare to remove. Thanks for
distributing such a brilliant product - I have e mailed all my friends
and family with the details of your website and my positive experience.
my mum has already ordered her laundry ball! thanks again.
Angela Chew
Mt Hawthorn WA

" I washed my diesel mechanic son's uniform and they are so clean and
no diesel smell"
They are fantastic.  I washed some clothing and towels and they came out so clean and fresh. My son is a diesel mechanic, I washed his uniform this evening and they are so clean
and no diesel smell.  I will be telling everyone about these, I am impressed.
Kylie Lees

“You have been a great help to me and I love getting your emails”
Thank you so much for all of the information you have been sending me they are greatly appreciated and to have some web sites to look at are great.  You have been a great help to me and I love getting your emails. 
I would be one of the first to subscribe when you set up a site.  All the best for today and all the tomorrows to come.
Alison Huston

“my eczema has almost completely cleared up!”
They've been great to use and my eczema has almost completely cleared up...hate the
thought of using detergent until my replacement arrives!
Virginia Chandler
Swan Hill  Vic

“...Our Bio-Max system is in perfect condition and just about maintains
"We are on a bio-max sewerage treatment system and the service guys have
always told us the state of the system reflects our lifestyle choices -
We use just about no chemical cleaners (using Hara and Enjo and
have done so for 11 years); very little fat for cooking; take anti-biotics
only when nothing else will do (ie antibiotics not very often!!), etc, etc,
and then a couple of years ago to build on this I started using the Laundry Balls - the
service guys reckon our system is in perfect condition and just about maintains itself.
Thanks again."
Kind regards
Suzanne Dewar
Mahogany Creek WA

‘The laundry balls are wonderful!’
They wash efficiently and it feels good to be avoiding all of the nasty
ingredients in commercial powders.
Melissa Farrell
Conondale, QLD

 “Thank you for making washing so much easier”
Hi, I am loving my Miracle wash balls balls.  I am still on my first pack.  I started it on 14.8.07 and it is still going strong.  We have 8 in our family so it will be interesting to see how long it takes to refill the balls.  Thank you for making washing so much easier.  I have recommended Miracle wash balls to all my family and friends.
Kathryn, Vic

‘I  seem to save a lot of time and water in the laundry which is great when you are a busy working mum.’
The Miracle Wash Laundry Ball is great. I have found my clothes to be a lot softer than when I used chemical based fabric softener and the stain remover is great. I make sure that I spray my toddler's clothes and let them sit for an hour before washing as normal and the marks come out of their clothes every time. I also seem to save a lot of time and water in the laundry which is great when you are a busy working mum. I have recommended them to a friend of mine at work and she is excited to give them a try herself.
Thanks for such a great product.
MorayField, QLD

"The Best Investment I've Made For a Long Time!"
I am very impressed with the results of the laundry balls.  As there
Are only two of us we don't have a lot of washing, so they're lasting a
Long time.  This is the best investment I've made for a long time - good for
the environment and good for my pocket.
Kay Aram

“They have changed my laundry world!!”
Thanks Dana.....by the way laundry balls are my favourite product ever!! I tell all my friends but they don’t believe they can work  the way they do. At first I didn’t either but I had to try them... they have changed my laundry world!! Love them Dana, thanks for getting them out there...Do you advertise them on the telly?? They deserve to be world famous!!
Sunshine Coast Qld

‘We are Using Bore Water to Wash...’
"Thanks so much for your tips and overall wonderful service. We're extremely happy with the laundry balls as we are using bore water to wash in an old machine at the moment as we're building a house. The balls make a wonderful soft wash and the clothes are just as fresh and soft!
Thanks so much..."
Jo and Steve

Many Many Thanks For Your Wonderful Product.’
Thank you very much for the “Miracle Wash Laundry Ball Kit,”  I find that my washing is so much cleaner and they save so much water. We only have tank water here in the country, so have to be very careful with our water.
Many many thanks for your wonderful product.
Eileen Stanley

‘Thank You for Providing a Fantastic Product!’
I am writing to tell you how effective and economical I have found the Miracle Wash Laundry Balls. It is also great to know that I am decreasing the amount of chemicals my children (who suffer from eczema) are exposed to. Thank you for providing a fantastic product.
Sonia Messinger

They Were Everything That I was Looking for.  I Haven’t Looked Back Since.’
Thank you so much for the fantastic Miracle Wash Laundry Balls. I have just received my 6 monthly refill pack – and can’t believe I’ve been using them for 6 months now! I love them!
Having a young family of two children aged 4 and 6, I am always in search of healthy, environmentally friendly products. I came across the laundry balls advertised in the Nova monthly newspaper and decided they were everything that I was looking for. I haven’t looked back since.
All our clothes and towels are softer, (I have a front loader and found that even with the small amounts of commercial soap powder, it was still way too much for my machine!) and I now reuse all of my grey water from my washing machine onto our grass with the confidence of no chemicals leaking into our gardens where the children play. So now I am able to have nice green grass all year round!
Finally my test for the laundry balls was when we went on our camping trip earlier this year. We were gone for 3 weeks and not able to wash anything – things got very grubby. When we got home I started off using some natural (expensive) liquid soap powder left from times before my laundry balls, but the dirt didn’t budge. Instantly I went back to the Miracle Was h Balls and my wash was again beautiful and clean.
So thank you for your hard work and perseverance to get such a great product out amongst the rest of us!
Monique Micale

‘I Love Your Product and Have Told so Many People About Them’
We purchased some Miracle Wash Balls down near Melbourne and have found them to be a God send especially in this terrible drought, as we have an orchard and a big vegie patch we were able to keep them going in the worst stages and our apple trees and pear trees were loaded with big juicy fruit and we were able to have our lawn green in patches but never the less green. I love your product and have told so many people about them as most of my friends are on tank water and we are also on tanks as well as main, but are on stage four on the main. I use the whitening powder that is in the tub and does not harm the bugs in our septic tank (Enviro Clean). I hope to buy some soon for presents and give to some of my friends, I even took the balls to our local S.E.S meeting and let people photocopy the pamphlet. Keep up the wonderful work.
Yours Sincerely
Kathy Curtis

‘I am astonished. They work so well.’
Well what can I say?
I received my laundry ball kit today and couldn’t wait to try it. I did my first load of washing with them last night and I am astonished. They work so well. My husband is a mechanic and I work in a bakery so we have a variety of dirt and satins on our work clothes. I sprayed my husbands clothes with the stain remover as instructed before putting them in the machine. I used a cold water wash and our clothes came out beautifully clean. I couldn’t believe it. I thought that I would have to continue to wash his clothes separately in harsh detergent and use the balls for bub and myself. I hate using detergents as I have very sensitive skin so this absolutely made my day. So this is pretty much a thank you for your wonderful product and let you know that I will be a regular customer. I am recruiting my mum too I think…. I took the balls to her house today to show her and I couldn’t stop raving about them.
So thanks!!!!
Camilla Donnelly

‘I Can Skip the Rinse Cycle and Save a HEAP of Water’
"I tried my Laundry Ball for the first time today and was actually going to
e-mail you!  It is a wonderful product and gets hubby's work clothes, my
clothes and bub's clothes clean with no irritation.
The other fantastic point is that I can skip the rinse cycle and save a HEAP
of water.  This is very important to us as our water is pumped up from a
spring fed weir so the less we use the better it is for all concerned!  Not
only do I save money not buying detergent but I also save by not using fuel
in the pump for pumping water up from the weir and also by not running the
petrol generator as long (the only power we have here) due to no rinse
cycle. Thanks again for a great product - I've been telling all my friends :-)
Natalie Daggar

‘ I Cannot Speak Highly Enough’
Thanks for your continued contact Laundry Balls are fantastic. Even my
husbands work clothes, he is a pipe layer, they really do get filthy and
my son, a plumber, say no more. Their clothes even without soaking
overnight are great.  Mine and my daughter's delicates come out of the machine in
pristine condition. I cannot speak highly enough. I love shopping down
the laundry aisle of the supermarket, now as I need nothing. Also there is
no challenge to my perfume and I find I am smelling fresher because there
is no competition with fragrances. Well done!!! I love them.

Refill Winner for Life

"I wanted to let you know how excited and happy I was when I received your letter advising me that I had won a lifetime supply of refills in the last competition draw.  I couldn't be more excited if I'd won the actual washing machine!
I'm loving the laundry balls and am so pleased my sister talked me in to trying them out.  Since then, her daughter and my daughter have both fallen under their spell and don't use anything else.  We are on severe water restrictions in this part of Australia and although I have used grey water for many many years, it is good to know that I can use it now without worrying about all the extra chemicals leeching in to the gardens.
Once again, many thanks."
Pam Coppock

‘In Fact the Best so far. I’m More Than Satisfied’
Many, many thanks for an excellent product. Besides removing stubborn laundry stains, the stain remover affords me more time for other tasks. It quickly and efficiently cleans my bath, basins, shower recess (glass), toilets, stainless steel sinks and benches etc, quicker better and greater (no fumes!) than many other products. In fact the best so far. I’m more that satisfied!
Marg Oversby

‘..Since Using Wash Balls his Skin is 80%Cleared’
I think my wash balls are fantastic as I have a teenage boy who was covered in psoriasis from head to toe, a fortnight before Xmas he had been sick of living and was extremely depressed, he was under sever treatment from the hospital and not able to work, but since using wash balls his skin is 80% cleared and only using his hospital medication a couple of times a week in the very odd spots, so at this stage I’m truly glad I picked up a magazine with your advert in as I have a much happier boy who now enjoys life again and back at work. I also put my sister on to them as she is covered in psoriasis as well.
Kerrie Evans

‘it has made a huge difference to my kids skin..
I bought your laundry ballintroductory kitfrommy local health food shop.  Read all the instructions, cleaned my washing machine, and tried them immediately.  Used the vinegaralong withthebaking powderfor whites. I’m absolutely thrilled with your product, and will be spreading the word
Barbara Row

“I am astonished with the results..”
“I came upon an advertisement in our local paper, near Xmas time, for Miracle Wash Laundry Balls, and as my daughter-in-law is very enviro friendly and a great nature lover, I was able to give her a Laundry Ball Starter kit for Xmas.  She was so happy with it I also decided to give it a try and am astonished with the results of my own washing.
The service of the product is also well managed and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.”
Lyn Price

“I am impressed..”
"Hi Dana
 Thanks for the laundry balls... arrived yesterday... and got used this morning ---  VERY GOOD...  the towels are soft even without conditioner - so I am impressed...
 Thanks again.... Gail
Gail Dine

“I really love the Laundry Balls..”
"I want to let you know that I really love the Laundry balls.  I have found that our clothes have been much softer and nicer, especially after being washed several times with the laundry balls, as the residue from previous washing detergents leaves the clothes. I have also had excellent success with washing cloth nappies.
Basically , I will never go back to using "normal" detergents again.  Thank you for such a great product."
 Veterinarian and Mother of Two
Amanda Huhta

"They are fantastic ..."
Thank you so much for introducing me to the Laundry Balls. They are fantastic in that I no longer have to deal with messy liquids and powders - no sneezing or irritable skin! It took about 3 weeks ( I wash 2-3 times a week) for the clothes to come out lint stain free. Prior to Laundry Balls, after each wash I had to rinse lint marks off certain clothes before hanging them on the line. I also like the faint fresh smell to the clothes - it is very subtle. My husband is in the building industry and his clothes come out clean without extra cleansers added to the wash. My massage towels are also coming out clean.
As a naturopath, I have every confidence in recommending Laundry Balls in order to reduce chemicals in the home and enhance the family's immune system.
Mavis Carruthers ND
Abundant Life Naturopath Centre
East Cannington Perth, WA
08 9358 4408

"Thank you for such a great product."
I want to let you know that I really love the Laundry balls. I have found that our clothes have been much softer and nicer, especially after being washed several times with the laundry balls, as the residue from previous washing detergents leaves the clothes. I have also had excellent success with washing cloth nappies. Basically , I will never go back to using "normal" detergents again. Thank you for such a great product. Veterinarian and Mother of Two
Amanda Huhta
Talgarno, Victoria

"his eczema began clearing up."
' My son developed blisters on his hands when he was only a couple of weeks old and these eventually spread over his body. They were diagnosed as a form of eczema which was extremely itchy. We tried different infant formulas and different sensitive washing powders none of these seemed to make any difference. I was told about your laundry ball site and decided it sounded amazing and I had nothing to lose so I purchased a set and have never looked back. Gradually as all the detergents washed out of our clothes and linen his eczema began clearing up. We were sure it was a result of the laundry balls but were asked if it was just a coincidence that it began clearing up at that time. We proved it was a result of the laundry balls when I was unable to use my balls for a week, the blisters began returning within a couple of days and disappeared just as quickly when I returned to using the balls.
I am soo happy with my laundry balls and cannot believe I used to think my washing was clean after using detergents.'

Renae Wals
Albany WA

The laundry balls are fabulous
'Hi, the laundry balls are fabulous. have cleaned my washing machine pre use of balls but still haven't got a spray bottle to make up the solution for extra cleaning which I do need as I have 2 small children boys who are out door boys and end up with grubby marks on all their clothes. I just fill the machine up with water each day and put the clothes in as I go.'

Gaybriella Burey

..I never scratch my skin any more..
‘Just letting you know how we found the Laundry balls, very good. They are wonderful I never scratch my skin any more , so I must have allergic to what I was using before. My husband would buy the detergent so I would use what we had on the shelf.
I have told so many people about the Laundry balls so my niece has start using them now, also she got the 3 pack and she gave one to her mum and one to her sister. My niece said she does not get any allergies any more. So we are both very happy with the Laundry balls.
Also I found the Multi stain remover very good I even clean my canvas shoes with it. Overall I could not be happier. I am so happy I read it in the Sunday Times going back 6 months ago.
Thank you Dana.’

Lorraine Rivett
Perth, W.A.

"..not having to go to that aisle at the supermarket.."
' We were somewhat dubious at first, but we are extremely impressed with the clean, fresh and soft wash we are achieving with Miracle Wash Laundry Balls. Plus the added bonuses of saving water and not having to go to that aisle at the supermarket. We think that is good.'


"My Washing Has never been so clean.."
'I can't believe just how good the miracle wash laundry balls are. My washing has never been so clean - thank you. Will be telling all my friends to try them.'
Leanne Hallowell

"They wash my clothes even better than my current liquid.."
I have been using the laundry balls for just over 3 weeks now and I love them. They are so easy to use - no messing around with dripping liquids or powders that go everywhere. I have found they wash my clothes even better than my current liquid [brand name supplied] and the clothes smell nice and clean without that chemical smell. I have also used the stain removed to get grease off my husband's shirt and it worked a treat.
I have no hesitation in recommending laundry balls - they are excellent and very economical.

Tanya Horsfield
Executive Assistant
Carlisle WA

I was impressed ..."
I was a bit unsure to try the ‘Miracle Wash Laundry Balls’ as we were shearing at the time and our clothes get a lot more greasy that normal but I'm glad I did! I was impressed in the results of the wash. I found my jumpers came up a bit more fluffier and my husband’s shearing pants (with the help of the Stain Remover) to be a lot more cleaner than I can usually get them. The clothes seem to be softer when folding off the line without the use of a softener.

Kylie Schinzig
Kojonup, WA

"... a fantastic result ... I love them!"
Before discovering Miracle Wash "Laundry Balls" the only chemicals I used were washing powder and Dish Liquid. I don't use chemicals for the rest of my cleaning so I was very excited to find out about Miracle Wash.

I have used the Laundry Balls on all of our washing with a fantastic result. They work just as well on the most delicate items, children’s clothing and even my farming husband’s dirty, greasy, smelly work wear.

I was a little sceptical at first as I was the sort of person who loved the smell of washing powder on my clothes getting them off the washing line. When I found out that if you could smell the powder on your clothes you were using too much, I decided I would give Laundry Balls a go.

I love them; they are great for our environment and for the health of our families and best of all they really do work. I Thank you Miracle Wash for making a difference.
Lorraine Park
Moodiarrup, WA

"I recommend the Miracle Wash Laundry Balls"
I tried the Miracle Wash Laundry Ball Kit and was impressed and amazed it got the job done. The bonus being, the balls are environmentally friendly.
We all lead pretty hectic lives these days so having something like the laundry balls is great as they help us in both time and money.
Just throw them in the washing machine. No measuring out detergent, no effort required. I almost enjoy washing now.
When I go away on holidays I like to take my washing powder which can be a little messy due to spillage. With the laundry balls, there is no spillage, no fuss.
I recommend everyone use the Miracle Wash Laundry Balls.

Melbourne, Vic

"the laundry balls have been great for us."
... about these laundry balls, I love them...
As we are organic farmers and therefore inclined to use a product that is completely natural, but at the same time I want something that is going to work efficiently & effectively, so the laundry balls have been great for us. Believe me, I am fussy with regards to the cleanliness of our clothing. Being dairy farmers you can well imagine the state of the work clothes and overalls that come into the laundry, so I need something that will get the dirt removed, at the same time I have a 2 year old daughter who loves, dirt, grass, paints, crayons & all those great messy things, but she also has very pretty, delicate clothes. As you can appreciate, I need something "tough but gentle" at the same time. So, thanks...
I have passed them around the family and they also love them, so I will be ordering more very soon.

Donna Mulvey
Kairangi Bryval Organic Farm
New Zealand

"... VERY GOOD!"
Hi Dana,
Thanks for the laundry balls... arrived yesterday... and got used this morning --- VERY GOOD... the towels are soft even without conditioner - so I am impressed...
Thanks again.... Gail

Gail Dine
Oyster Cove, NSW

"... What a Wonderful Product!"
Miracle Wash Laundry Balls & Stain Remover what a wonderful product, I love the fact its easy to use, cheap, doesn’t set off eczema in one of my kids, saves water, and more importantly does the job and removes stains, with 3 kids to wash for it's a fantastic product, so much so that I have already put 2 friends onto the product and more are interested. I swear by it.

J Allen
Child Care Worker
Wagin, WA

"I really am thrilled to bits..!"
“Dear Dana

Thank you for my discount and free freight on my last order.

I have been mentioning the ‘balls’ to all who will listen as I really think they are wonderful – I have a twin tub ( and intend keeping it even when we move to town) as I don’t rinse, saving litres of water and amazingly my washing is much cleaner – even my husbands fishing clothes – I really am thrilled to bits and will keep telling as many people as I can about THE BALLS.”

Margaret Butcher

Retired, Busselton WA


"I think that the balls are really effective, economical, hassle free and best of all are 'nasty'"chemical free.

Dear Dana

I am absolutely delighted that I found the Miracle Wash laundry balls and tell everyone that will listen about them. And I have already converted a few friends!

I think that the balls are really effective, economical, hassle free and best of all are 'nasty'  chemical free! I've also had great success with the stain remover. I mostly use it diluted with water, as you suggested. Recently, I sprayed a white beanie with the diluted stain stain remover and placed the beanie in a bucket with one of the Miracle Wash laundry balls and a little bi-carb soda and I was thrilled with the result - a beautiful white beanie without the nasty chemical smell!

I have always hated the smell of laundry detergents and powders - even as a teenager I hated the smell. So for many years I've been using a supposedly gentle liquid laundry detergent without any nasty odour. But recently I realised that it contained nasty chemicals that I am no longer happy to use.

So Miracle Wash laundry balls are here to stay in my house!

Kind Regards

Your happy customer

Laura Barker

Joondanna, WA


"I am very excited with the quality of the wash.."

“Hello Dana

I have just received my laundry kit from you and I must say I am very excited with the quality of the wash.

As you know the quantity of washing I generate at the Bed and Breakfast is substantial and being conscious of living in an environmentally sensitive area and being on septic tanks I am thrilled with the results.

I have just completed the linen washing from a full house this weekend and know that I have had just a superior wash from using the laundry ball as I did using commercial laundry powder.  I have always been concerned about the quantity of chemical I have been using when washing and now I can complete my laundry without any of those concerns.

I am now fully convinced and will continue using this amazing little ball.

I will also be telling everyone about this so we can all contribute where we can to maintain a clean environment.”

Best wishes

Libby and Jeff

Eden Lodge Bed & Breakfast



"Your Customer service is absolutely first class.."

“Thanks for the new ball and the stain remover.  I think your customer service is absolutely first class and I hope your business is doing really well.

 Kind regards” 

Sue Williams           

 Atwell WA'

"I have more Time to do all the things I love doing.."

“Hi Dana

Just writing to tell you what a great product your Laundry Balls are and to thank you for my order. I have my washing done in no time flat now and everything is clean and fresh.

I am totally sold on your product, and I will be looking forward to a reduced water bill this summer, I love the stain remover too. I have more time now to do all the things I love doing, especially searching on the internet and reading my emails which is how I found out about your wonderful product in the first place.

Thanks again”

Marilyn Hyde

Wellington, NSW


"My Clothes Feel Softer!.."

"I Love Them!  Not only can I get through loads of washing quicker (Saving Time, Money and water) my clothes do feel softer.

I have a black shirt that comes out of the wash with white fluff on it no matter if I wash it with only black clothes . I was amazed to see the amount of lint has reduced. It use to drive me crazy. Thank you so much."

Jeannette Cogan

Geraldton, WA

"Pleased with the wash balls.."

“Hello Dana

Thank you for answering my call.  I am happy to say I am very pleased with the wash balls.”


Hazel Heatley

Bullcreek, WA


"Thanks for helping me realise.."

“I am determined, only after finding your site purely by accident, to start using as few chemicals as possible in my unit (I'm moving out on my own next week!), including in my skincare and shower products - your website and its information on synthetic chemicals made me think about things I had never thought about! I'm really excited at the prospect of significantly reducing, and hopefully in some 'categories' eliminating the amount of synthetic products (skincare, cleaning, and cosmetics etc) I use. Thanks for helping me realise these things!”

 Kind Regards



"..now I know they really work."

“I must say that the laundry balls are the best thing that I have ever used, I wanted to use them for a while before I recommended them to my family and friends, but now I know that they really do work, I will be telling all my family and friends about them, and hope they too will see the benefits.”

Jo Duggan

Perth WA

"I just Love The Result.."

"I have just done my first wash with the new laundry balls and just love the result!  It took me around 2 hours to give my washing machine a really good clean beforehand (shows what a lazy person I am and how disgusting the powders make your machine!).  Even using the stain remover (in a water bottle) was lovely, not having to inhale all those nasty smells.  So far, I am very impressed with firstly, the money I will save on powder (I buy in bulk and costs me +$60 every 3 months) and secondly water (my machine fills up 3 times - 2 rinse cycles).

Already I have spread the gospel!!

What a fantastic product, well done."

Kind regards

Karen Whitely

"I had No Reaction.."

I have really bad dermatitis  on my hands, which makes hand washing impossible. I have tried all types of delicate and wool washing liquids to no avail. My daughter gave me one of these balls to try and I had no reaction from them. There great, I will certainly "pass the word around."

Jan Meyers

Sth Gladstone Qld


"I am Thrilled with the Product"

"I bought your laundry ball introductory kit from my local health food shop.  Read all the instructions, cleaned my washing machine, and tried them immediately.  Used the vinegar along with the baking powder for whites.  I’m absolutely thrilled with your product, and will be spreading the word."

Barbara Row

Scarborough, Aust.

"Very Satisfied.."

"Hi Dana,
 Very satisfied with the laundry balls, the clothes are clean and softer, another plus is not having to mess around measuring laundry powder, that does not necessarily put that at the forefront of the reduced water usage or the improved environmental impact.
Extremely satisfied.""


Sandstone, WA

"The Clothes are Clean and Fresh..."

"I would like to congratulate you on your fabulous product.
The clothes are very clean and fresh, soft, without powder residue, and it is also easier to do a  wash than all that messing around with powders.
Wishing you incredible wealth!"

David Payne

Nedlands, WA

"We've Saved Heaps of $'s..."

It has now been 2 months since we swapped our laundry detergent for 'Miracle Wash Laundry Balls' so I thought I'd write to let you know how we're getting on.

Being the busiest Veterinary Clinic in Perth, we naturally have loads of dirty washing - 6-10 loads per day in our heavy duty Cleanmaid washing machine.  We wash sheets, towels, blankets and surgical drapes which can be soiled with any combination of urine, faeces  (including diarrhoea), vomit, blood, pus. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

We were very surprised to find that everything came out clean!  When washing the surgical drapes (prior to sterilizing them) we add a small amount of the 'stain remover' to the machine to help remover blood stains.

Because we do so many wash loads per say, I decided that we should use 2 laundry ball Kits, alternating them, so that the Laundry Balls can dry out between washes.

We've saved heaps of $'s.

All our nurses (except one) now use the Laundry Balls at home too.  We (the Vet and I) also use the Laundry Balls at home.

We have a cattle farm in the Southwest where we also use the laundry balls.  Our ' farm' washing is always very dirty; cow poo, tractor grease, dirt; no problem for our Laundry Balls!

Many thanks Dana.  We love anything that helps save our environment.  The less chemicals we have to use the better!

kind regards

Jenny Duffell


Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital

Maddington WA

08 9459 5595

"I was delighted that the oil is no longer there.."

I use castor oil for massaging aches and pains on my family. It cools down the inflammation. In order for the oil to do its work, it is best to leave the oil on overnight. As a result, the sheets do get stained. I have used ordinary washing powder and am not able to remove these stains. I used your stain remover and left it on for a few hours before washing. I was delighted that the oil is no longer there. Also, some of my clothes attract a lot of lint during the wash. To my joy these clothes came out lint free. I am absolutely delighted!

Thank-you Dana and I will promote your product as much as possible. Many Thanks and Regards


Scarborough, WA

"My Wash is so soft and Clean.."

I am a new user of your Laundry Balls, and I want to let you

know that I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the results.  My washing is so soft and clean, and of course the saving on soap powders and softeners goes without saying; also the water and time saved are amazing. I will sing the praises to everyone I know.

thank you again.


 Elsa Smith

Pearsal, WA

`Laundry Balls makes the use of cloth nappies hassle free and avoids the purchase of expensive and harsh detergents.'

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my Laundry Balls.

 I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first, especially since I was about to embark on the use of cloth nappies for my then unborn child.  My little boy, Xavier, has now arrived (he is now four weeks old) and I have been thrilled with the results that I have been able to achieve using only the stain remover (a squirt before dry pailing), the laundry balls and white vinegar in the rinse.  Thank you – Laundry Balls makes the use of cloth nappies hassle free and avoids the purchase of expensive and harsh detergents.

 Kind regards

Sarah Wright

Perth, WA

'Water is a precious commodity, so not having to rinse is a wonderful feature.'

"I am thrilled with my washing balls. I had to wash my husband's work clothes in cold water the other day and they still came out pretty clean. As we live in the bush, water is a precious commodity, so not having to rinse is a wonderful feature.

Christine Smith
Rolleston, QLD

'Am I impressed???.......ABSOLUTELY !!!'

"Oh my gosh am I enjoying my balls......Laundry ones of course!
I have 3 dirty boys living with me, and one in particular ( the older one by 30 years) is well renowned for dropping food down his shirts. He has noticed that a sticky stain that has been on his beloved Holden jumper has disappeared after being there for over a year. My friend and I also searched his work shirts for a greasy stain that he had on his work shirt for 4 weeks( brand new one I might add) and it is gone. I just read the information sheet that came with my balls with my friend while I was referring her and discovered the bit about cleaning my machine so I have that on my list this weekend. The other bit about the stain remover....well I haven't even needed it yet. I could however try it out on my other dirty boys socks, which I am sure he walks home from school through the mud with no shoes on.... just socks.
Am I impressed???.......ABSOLUTELY !!!
I am so happy that my youngest stinky kid ( who has allergies to allergies) and myself are not itching from the washing powder and now I am off to do a soap making class to eliminate SLS from our house more.
Thankyou and yes I will be referring everyone and anyone I can convert. Its great for the environment as well"

Fiona Mack
Wollongong, NSW

'It Has Cut Our Water Usage Dramatically..'

"I think the laundry balls are a great product: it has cut our water usage dramatically which is a bonus, as well as doing the job - getting the clothes clean - and very cheaply!!

Thanks for the prompt service

All the best"

Rowena McDougall

Andover, Tasmania

'I am Totally Amazed at How Well They Work..'

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am with my Laundry balls...My washing is so clean and soft.....My husband is a bricklayer and his clothes get cement through them that I always found hard to remove, But with the Laundry balls I haven't had to scrub them at all....I am totally amazed at how well they work

Thank You for a great product

 Margaret Shaw

Burpengary, Queensland

'They still have lots of life left in them..'

"Yes please send the refills.  Although, my laundry balls do not appear to need refilling as yet.  They still have lots of life left in them.  I use the laundry balls for our everyday clothes but with my partner's work clothes I'm still addicted to washing powders.  However, I have changed to Aware.  One thing I am pleased with is that I haven't had to throw away my towels.  It was obviously a build up of washing detergent that was giving them that musky smell.  Now the laundry balls and a dash of eucalyptus oil does the trick."

Kaye Guy
Bacchus Marsh, Victoria


A Laundry Ball Success Story That Happened Twice!
Several years ago, while I was looking for washing powder at my favourite pharmacy, I saw something there I'd never seen - the package was labeled, "Laundry Balls." I picked up the small box, intrigued by the strange-looking picture on the outside, and read about Laundry Balls for the first time.

It seemed impossible - this stuff wasn't soap, it would wash my clothes as well as regular soap, I wouldn't need extra fabric softener, I wouldn't have the bother of measuring out laundry powder, I could just leave it in the bottom of the washing machine and everything would come out right ... and it was an awful lot cheaper than my previous washing up powder.

Sure that I was ripe for being duped, I took them to the counter to query the pharmacist who was standing there ... she said that she used them in her washing machine and all these astonishing claims were true, that was why she'd started stocking them in the shop. Intrigued, I purchased the neat package of two laundry balls and continued my shopping as usual. After I got home, I pulled out the box of laundry balls and read the instructions. It seemed so simple that nobody could mess it up, so I tossed the pair of them into my washing machine.

When wash day came, I opened the machine and remembered that I had these new laundry balls. They looked pretty small for something with such big claims, but I reminded myself of the old saying about good things coming in small packages as I loaded the machine. When the wash finished, I eagerly inspected each item of clothing, sure that *something* would not be up to my exacting standards ... To my surprise and joy, the clothes had been beautifully washed! The whites were white, the colours were bright, there was no residue like the soap powder sometimes left ... and when I got them off the washing line later that day I was even able to confirm that yes, the clothes really were softer than usual!

I was thrilled with my purchase, and continued to use them at every wash. Eventually though ... quite a long time later ... I started to notice that the beads in my laundry balls were getting rather small. Remembering that this meant they needed refilling, I went back to my trusty pharmacy and searched the shelves. But I was out of luck, there was nothing remotely resembling a laundry ball in sight. I even queried the sales girl and the brand-new pharmacist working there - he didn't even know what I was talking about and despite looking, nobody could find these strange balls listed in their catalogues anywhere.

I was disappointed and more than a little annoyed at myself for only buying two when I had the chance! If I'd known how great they were, I would have bought enough for the whole family for ten years, I think.

I went back to using ordinary laundry powder. Back to fading colours, crinkly-hard laundry on my washing line, and that annoying powdery residue on my clothes every so often.

Around this time, I contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - a devastating condition that over the course of the next years rendered me so sick I was unable even to get out of bed. As I gradually got sicker, I acquired disability equipment - a wheelchair, a commode chair, and a hospital bed. Attendants came twice a day to give me medication, feed me, and do everything needed around the household. Things were pretty dire, to be blunt.

As I had deteriorated, I'd made sure that I was always able to use my precious computer by moving it so I could use it directly from bed. Before my illness I'd been training to be a computer programmer, and although I couldn't do that any more, I still enjoyed my computer and the Internet a lot.

One day, I was searching for something-or-other on the web and I stumbled across an Australian web page advertising Laundry Balls! I may have been sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it only took me half a second to remember how great they'd been for the laundry. I pulled out my credit card and ordered two balls and an extra packet of six refills, then I carefully bookmarked the website in my "Favourites" list - I wasn't going to let myself lose these laundry gems twice!

Being bedridden, I didn't do my own washing any more, but when the laundry balls promptly arrived on my doorstep, I explained to my carers how to use them in my new small front-loader. I was delighted to realize that the smaller machine only needed a single laundry ball as this halved my costs at once, something that was extra-important as I was now living on a meagre disability pension from the government.

The laundry balls had changed colour over the time since I'd first found them, and the packaging had been updated, but they were definitely the same things that had done such a great job with my washing ... and now I was sick, I discovered they had even more useful properties than I had previously thought:
- The week I started to use the laundry balls again for my washing, the dreadful itching that had gone all up and down my spine suddenly disappeared! I belatedly realized I'd been slightly allergic to the laundry powder I'd been using, and had never realized ... the laundry balls, having no allergy-causing ingredients or residue, had solved my problem!
- And because the bright green laundry ball just stayed permanently in my little front loader, my carers no longer had to measure out laundry detergent and put it into the little drawer on the front of the machine. This meant that washing was a quicker process and they had a little extra free time to do other tasks - always helpful as the carers never seemed to be available for long enough to do everything I needed.

Plus, of course, all the useful things about laundry balls I'd loved previously - the fabric softening ability (I couldn't afford a separate fabric softener on my pension), the cost savings with every wash, the fact that none of my clothes would fade but that the whites were still white.

I wish I could say this was the start of My Big Recovery, but life isn't a fairy tale and laundry balls unfortunately don't cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So I'm still just as sick, but thanks to these wonderful little devices life is less itchy and just that bit cheaper and easier when it comes to the laundry ... and if there's one thing that a long and serious illness has taught me, it's that every little bit counts!

Ricky Buchanan, Balaclava, Vic



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‘My family have loved the gift of Miracle Wash..’

I have been using my miracle wash laundry balls for almost a year now and I use nothing else. I am thrilled with the results. Not only are my clothes softer but I am also rash free. I couldn’t be happier with your wonderful product. My family have loved the gift of Miracle Wash and I constantly spread the good word.


God bless you.

With love and light.

Colleen Brown.



‘we are mighty pleased and impressed..’

So far we are mighty pleased and impressed with the result from your Balls. We had no idea how much softer our clothes would feel nor how much cleaner they would smell without Detergent use.

Peter and Jeni Nunn

Tasmania ,


‘I Just Love Washing Now..’

“I have been thrilled with the Laundry Balls. I find I am saving on electricity, water and not forgetting the environment. I just love washing now as my clothes feel softer and smell nice and fresh.”

M Willis

‘..I am saving one machine full of water..’

"I am very happy with the laundry balls and find that my clothes are so much nicer and softer.  But the main reason I am happy with them is the water I am saving.  As I only need to wash and not rinse, for every wash I am saving one machine full of water, Wow!!  Water is very precious here so it is great.

Thanks again:"


Barbara Carter, NSW

‘..his rash has almost gone..’

'My husband has suffered severe rashes all over his body over many years and has doctors puzzled after subscribing cortisone creams mixed with other soothing creams but nothing has helped. Some nights he can't sleep as the itch is so bad.   I am amazed since using the laundry balls just twice and making sure he uses those clothes I've wash with the laundry balls his rash has almost gone and I'm sure will completely vanish when I have wash all his clothes from the wardrobe and bathroom.

Thanks to your laundry balls we may now resume our life as it was some 30 years ago in fact our 40th anniversary is coming up November 12th.' 

Dene Stein


'Absolutely love my wash balls..’

'Absolutely love my wash balls, and my lawn is nice and green, as I put The grey water on it, also my son in Brisbane is pleased with the one's I sent him as it is the only way he can really water his garden at the moment. Keep up the good work.'

Mary Anderson

Klemzig SA

‘These balls are amazing…’

“These balls are amazing. I was skeptical but wouldn’t use anything else now. I had a severe allergic reaction to clothes washing liquid previously – not a problem now.”

Thank You


Sans Souci

‘I went into shock….’

"I was at a friend's place picking mulberries in one of my favourite shirts. You guessed it---I got mulberry stains on it. We immediately soaked it in conventional detergent, including hand-scrubbing, but to no avail...the familiar blue stains were there to stay.

When I got home I just threw the shirt in the wash along with everything else, with the laundry balls. When I went to hang out the washing I went into shock---there is no other word for it. The mulberry stains were COMPLETELY gone. From a 100% cotton shirt. So thank you very much for saving my favourite shirt!"

Janet Prentice,

Murwillumbah NSW

‘It's just marvellous for their babies' sensitive skin.’

“I am enjoying washing with the balls, and everything is so fresh and soft. I feel quite smug that I am helping the environment and saving money too. The ironing even seems to be easier !  My daughter and daughter-in-law are also very happy with the results they are getting. It's just marvellous for their babies' sensitive skin.”

Kind regards,

Morgan Bradley

‘ ..my towels are now soft!’

 "I just wanted to thank you for the Laundry Balls - they're fabulous.  I love them  because they're better for my family and the environment, but the best surprise I got was that my towels are now soft!  After over a year of not using fabric softener they were starting to feel like cardboard and now they soft and fluffy! 

Thanks again"

Karen Theodosiou


‘They are brilliant..’

“I am a user of the laundry balls and think they are brilliant. I wash all my sheets, towels and good clothes with the laundry balls and just add about 5mls of eucalyptus oil to the wash for a subtle scent. My towels have never been so soft and the machine filter no longer gets clogged up with gunk. I am very impressed with them and tell anyone prepared to listen about them.”

Linda Walsh


‘..allergy free and environmentally safe product that is very cost Effective’

we would recommend your laundry product range to any body who requires a total allergy free and environmentally safe product that is very cost effective, easy to use and backed up with manufacturers tips and on going communication. thanks Dana for providing a value packed product range.'

Lyndon White

'I am just delighted with my laundry balls'

' I have been meaning to write to you for some time, but busy busy. My whites are whiter than they have ever been, and my coloureds are just fine. As an example, underwear that I took backpacking around Europe for 12 months and which was more often than not washed with me under the shower resulting in a very noticeable grey shade of white, are now almost white again. I can tell this because some of these items were washed with the laundry balls regularly for about four months while the others stayed in storage. The difference was somewhat startling when I compared the two. As for the stain remover, I rarely have to use this but did on rather nasty black grease stain on jeans acquired from the towball on my car. The jeans are very old and over the years had become more brown than blue because they have been relegated to the working clothes brigade (gardening, building etc). Well, where I put the stain remover is a patch of blue. Looks great !'

Daryll Mulgrue,

“I’m saving water& time..”

I love the feel that the soap suds are no longer left in my washing and they feel softer. I’m saving water & time as well. Since adding some bicarb to my wash it looks even brighter. Thank you Dana

Regards from

Maxine Baker

Kardinya WA 6163

" I am getting excellent results"

' I have a Maytag 7 kg front loader and I must say I am getting excellent results from using the wash balls. Even grotty white socks that I don't preclean wash very well. t is so convenient to not have to worry about fabric conditioners etc. My towels are lovely and fluffy and smell so fresh. I am extremely happy with your product as we are a 'no spray, holistic lifestyle family'

Lynn Smith, Hervey Bay, QLD

‘..so convenient and economical’

Just a note to let you know that I love using the wash balls. It's fantastic to know that I am using a product that is better for my health and that of the environment. For my last holiday it was so easy to just throw the wash balls into the suitcase and know I wouldn't have to bother buying laundry powder at the other end. Everyone should use these - so convenient and economical and provided with such great customer service - all our garments have come up beautifully - my husband still can't believe how easy it has become to do the washing.

 Thanks for this wonderful product.

 Kind regards

Karen Bresnan


“..his eczema began clearing up… We proved it was a result of the laundry balls”

' My son developed blisters on his hands when he was only a couple of weeks old and these eventually spread over his body. They were diagnosed as a form of eczema which was extremely itchy.  We tried different infant formulas and different sensitive washing powders none of these seemed to make any difference. I was told about your laundry ball site and decided it sounded amazing and I had nothing to lose so I purchased a set and have never looked back. Gradually as all the detergents washed out of our clothes and linen his eczema began clearing up. We were sure it was a result of the laundry balls but were asked if it was just a coincidence that it began clearing up at that time.  We proved it was a result of the laundry balls when I was unable to use my balls for a week, the blisters began returning within a couple of days and disappeared just as quickly when I returned to using the balls.

I am soo happy with my laundry balls and cannot believe I used to think my washing was clean after using detergents.'

Ranae Wals

Albany WA

  "..all clothes came out clean and no sign of any red dust residue"

I am completely happy with the laundry balls that I have been using for some months. Only this week I came home from a trip to the North West with clothes naturally with red dust on them and thought this will be a good test for the Laundry Ball.
I can assure you it came through with flying colours (excuse the pun - not intended!!) - all clothes came out clean and no sign of any red dust residue.
Graeme Ashley
Safety Bay, WA

‘I bucket out all my washing machine water to water my much loved garden..’

'I used the miracle balls for the first time on the weekend and I was completely amazed. Thank you for a marvellous product. We live in South East Qld and are in the grip of a terrible drought with even more threats of harsher water restrictions to come. I bucket out all my washing machine water to water my much loved garden and I now don't have to worry about what goes out on it thanks to your great product. I would recommend them to anyone!

Yours sincerely

Min Sabatino'

‘I'm absolutely loving my laundry balls!! ‘

I love that my clothes have no scent at all (no more headaches), and that I can put my hands in the water to stir the clothes around without getting chemicals on my skin (no more skin rashes), and that I can use all of my laundry water on my garden (no more waste).  I have had my balls for over 6 months and I still have a long time to go before I need to replace the pellets, so it is even more economical to wash my clothes than I originally thought Thank you Dana for producing such a useful and good value product.  (I'm now waiting for the dishwasher ball! )

Teresa Vanni

Nunawading, VIC

'..easier and quicker and cheaper!'

...By the way, I love using the balls. Washing is so much easier and quicker and cheaper now. Thanks very much!


Marnie Doak

Bibra Lake

“..my kids have been doing the laundry for me!”

“I LOVE the laundry balls it makes doing the laundry easier, my kids have been doing the laundry for me, my actual laundry room is cleaner and so is my washing machine i am glad i stumbled across this product its great.”

Tanya Kobzeff

Salisbury Park , South Australia

‘clothes are as clean if not cleaner..’

The wash balls are fantastic, clothes are as clean if not cleaner. We are poultry farmers with two preschool boys and get pretty dirty, so that's saying something. I am very happy with the product and will be recommending it.

Thank you.

Gloria Moress, Australia




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