One Refill will last up to 6 months or more, the balls are reusable so you simply tip the old pellets out and add new ones.

At these special discounted rates it is even more economical. The kit lasts over 12mths, that’s a max of only $3.32 per month. Once you start buying the refills, they are only $2.83 per month and will last over 6mths.

They do not contain any detergent and there is no residue of any kind left on your clothes so you can Save Water and Electricity by turning your rinse cycle off.
After a few months, you will find that your filters will be clean and there will be no more grey ‘gunky’ residue clogging them up. This in the long run will increase your washing machine’s durability.

You can resuse your grey water on your garden and save yourself water too.

“The Best Investment I’ve Made For a Long Time!”
I am very impressed with the results of the laundry balls.  As there
Are only two of us we don’t have a lot of washing, so they’re lasting a
Long time.  This is the best investment I’ve made for a long time – good for
the environment and good for my pocket.
Kay Aram