Stain Remover

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Australia’s First Environmentally Safe Stain Remover Paste

The Phosphate Free Stain Remover included in your kit can be used in many ways. Feel free to experiment with it. Apply it directly to the stain and then put clothes in the washing machine.

  • For heavy stains, apply stain remover to stain, soak in a bucket with about 1 cm length of Stain Remover paste agitated in the water and leave over night.
  • You can also add a small amount into your regular wash.
  • If you prefer a spray, squeeze 8cms length of paste into a spray bottle and add 500ml of water, shake, leave overnight and then spray onto stains. You will need to shake before using each time. This method works just as well and makes the stain remover last longer. If you put too much paste in, it can clog the sprayer, less is best.
  • To help prevent the sprayer from blocking, mix the solution up in another bottle and let the settlement sit on the bottom, put the liquid from this bottle to the spray bottle.


It can be used in various ways…

  1. Diluted – squeeze about 10cms of the paste into a glass bottle (old tomato sauce bottle), fill up with water and leave over night. Decant the liquid into a 500g spray bottle and spray the stains with this solution. Leave at least 5 minutes before washing.
  2. For Tough Stains – apply paste directly to the stain and dampen with water, scrub until stain is dissolved. If this doesn’t work, apply the paste to the stain, leave on and hang in the sun for the day, scrub again and repeat. I have used this technique to remove mulberry juice on a white top and red wine on a beige jacket – both times it removed the stain completely.
  3. Add to the laundry washing or bucket, just squeeze 5 – 10 cms into the wash, agitate before adding clothes.


What Can I Use It On?

Grease and oil stains on clothes. Tiles and ceramics, floors, carpet etc. Test on a small spot first if you are not sure if they are colour fast.

How Long Will One 160g Tube Last?

If you dilute it, the tube can last for 12mths or more. Using the straight paste in every wash(daily) it can last 4 – 6 months. Very economical!


‘In Fact the Best so far. I’m More Than Satisfied’
Many, many thanks for an excellent product. Besides removing stubborn laundry stains, the

stain remover affords me more time for other tasks. It quickly and efficiently cleans my bath,

basins, shower recess (glass), toilets, stainless steel sinks and benches etc, quicker better and

greater (no fumes!) than many other products. In fact the best so far. I’m more that satisfied!

Marg Oversby